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Club Councils:


Chair: Elizabeth Fontaine

Meeting: Friday at 2:30PM

Academic Council is the council under BSG that contains any club that is based around academics. We have clubs that vary from a focus on history to foreign language to computer science. On our council we work towards clubs collaborating together on events, as well as helping the officers of these clubs feel confident in their roles. Academic Council meets every Friday at 2:30pm, predominantly in room 220 in the Union.


Chair: Denae Forrester

Meeting: Wednesday at 9:30PM

The Cultural Council is comprised of clubs whose cultural beliefs, social customs and customary actions are the foundation for their club's existence. Clubs under this umbrella are African Student Union, Asian Culture Club, Association of Latinx American Students, Brockport Muslim Student Association,Caribbean Student Association, Brockport Newman Catholic Student Association, International Student Organization,Organization for Students of African Descent, Pagan Club, The Hip Hop Dance Club,The Movement, and The Club of Chess. At our meetings we discuss ways of making our council better as one, plan events and complete other social works as a council.


Chair: Jordan Smart

Meeting: Thursday at 7:00PM

The Service Council will be comprised of clubs that provide for the common interest of its members or contributes to the welfare of The College at Brockport community in general. Clubs of a civic, political, religious, or philosophical nature will be considered Service Council Clubs. We meet at 7pm on Thursdays in the BSG Conference Room to discuss everything BSG is up to, as well as any service opportunities and information from around the Brockport Community that our clubs might need to know about.

Social Arts

Chair: Amelia McCarthy

Meeting: Tuesday at 2PM

The BSG Social Arts Council discuss events, general happenings, and problems that the clubs in the council might be facing. These meetings are also where our clubs can request money from our reserved funds for their activities/events. Some of the clubs in this council include Brockport Gaming Association, Harlequins, and Tea Club. A full list of the clubs can be found on our MyBrockport page.



Chair: Felicia Amoafo


Meeting: Thursday 4:00pm

The BSG Appropriations Committee works with the BSG Treasurer and Business Manager to allocate the income of the BSG each spring for the following academic year's annual budget. The income comes from the student activity fee all students at Brockport pay during enrollment. The committees overall role is to promote financial transparency within our organization, promote communication on financial literacy, and generally assist and provide legislative oversight.

Campus Affairs

Chair: Austin Mixon


Meeting: Friday 6:00pm

The Campus Affairs Committee focuses on delivering programs pursuing advocacy projects, initiatives, policies and objectives that would improve the well-being of all the campus' stakeholders and within the broader community. The Committee focuses on public safety, transportation, child and family issues, housing, tuition and fee affordability, and sustainability. The Committee oversees policies, concerns, and issues that affect the entire campus. The committee reviews and creates policies and procedures to protect the campus community in both external relationships, as well as internal operations. The Campus Affairs Committee concentrates a majority of its efforts toward the overall safety of the campus community as a whole; other issues are and not limited to student/faculty/staff rights, parking, on-campus shuttles, accessibility services, housing and residential life, environmental concerns, dining services, and facilities.

Club & Budget Resource


The Purpose of Club & Budget Resource Committee is to help clubs and organizations review their financial health, as well as their executive health. The committee is in charge of the Umbrella Fund which can be used to help clubs put on events for their members or for the whole campus. The council senators are the voting members and the Treasurer is the tie breaker if needs be.



The Collaboration Committee reviews marketing requests submitted on the Brockport Student Government page on myBrockport. They focus on approving requests that would benefit students and reach the majority of students. During weekly cabinet meetings, members of cabinet vote on approving marketing requests that are submitted based on discussion regarding the request. 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Chair: Justin Crawford


Meeting: Wednesday 4:45pm

The Committee on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion supports the efforts of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as the President's Council on Diversity and Inclusion in guiding continuous efforts in communicating with the Building A Better Brockport mission in order to provide all members of the Brockport community the guidance, resources, services and supports through intentional pursuit, efforts and attainments of inclusive excellence, as it is the responsibility of all community members to be respectful, promote and invite an academic and professional environment that is conducive to the growth, safety and learning of all people. Despite this, the committee is aware that there are some groups that are facing issues that leaves them being underrepresented and marginalized. As such, the committee works on collecting information, as well as addressing these concerns through proactive initiatives and procedures to the appropriate departments within BSG and the college as a whole to work on a solution.


Chair: Elizabeth Fontaine


Meeting: Monday 1:45PM

The BSG Legislative Committee works with BSG by monitoring on-going operations, we identify issues suitable for legislative review (including within our own constitution), we gather and evaluate information on different levels that pertain to BSG, and we recommend courses of action to the Senate if needed.


Chair: Rosanna Arias


Meeting: Tuesday 1:00pm

The Brockport Student Government Personnel Committee oversees all hiring done by BSG. We make sure the hiring process is followed thoroughly and fairly. We post all applications tp MyBrockport, on the BSG Personnel page. The committee oversees the hiring process from the beginning to the end. This includes creating applications, posting jobs to Handshake, forming search committees, and setting up interviews. The committee also oversee the hiring process to ensure equity, and consistency and meet to discuss how we can make the process more fair and free of bias. The committee works closely with all departments that need to hire, specifically the communications department to ensure that all openings are advertised to the best of our ability.

Last Updated 11/12/20

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