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Alexander Leonty, President

Hometown: Washingtonville, NY
Hobbies: exercising and cooking (plant-based meals)


Alexander is the 4th Black President of Brockport Student Government (the last was Vincent Fielder in 2002). He is a psychology major and history minor, who is currently a Master of Public Affairs candidate interested in doing work on social policy. Alexander has had the opportunity to be involved throughout various parts of our campus as a Resident Assistant, a Research Assistant on quantitative study under Professor Melissa Brown, a varsity wrestler, and general student organizations.

Overall, he enjoys doing the work and fighting the good fight. To prevent the wheel from constantly being reinvented, Alexander looks to knock down the silos that we tend to usually operate in. His overall vision as President is to fortify the foundations that have been developed and push our institution to prioritize students.


Last Updated 11/16/20

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