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Amelia McCarthy

Position: Social Arts Council Senator

Hometown: Bethlehem, NY

Hobbies: Playing instruments and acting


Amelia is the Social Arts Council Senator for BSG. She majors in Mathematics with a Statistics concentration and minors in Psychology and Music. She is also the treasurer of Harlequins Performing Arts Club as well as a peer mentor in the Honors College. She loves being able to represent the arts clubs and help them offer the best experiences for their members.

Elizabeth Fontaine


Position: Academic Council Senator

Hometown: Ardsley, NY

Hobbies: Theatre, baking, painting, and singing


Elizabeth Fontaine is a senior Journalism and Broadcasting Major with a concentration in Public Relations with minors in Theatre and Anthropology. She has been working for the student governement since 2018, she also works for the Undergraduate Admissions Department. As Academic Council Senator, she hopes to be able to help the academic council clubs with anything they may need. She is excited to be working with the student body again this year and hopes to make this year a great one!

Rosanna Arias

Hometown: Santiago, Dominican Republic

Hobbies: Watching Netflix


Rosanna Arias is a senator at Brockport Student Government. Her major is Political Science and a minor in African American Studies. She is currently a senior. She is the current Vice Chair of the Brockport Student Government Senate. As Vice Chair she is the bridge between the senators and the vice President. She is also the head of the Personnel Committee for BSG in which she oversees the hiring process when someone needs to be hired for BSG. 

Destiny Washington

Position: Social Arts Council Senator

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Hobbies: Hobbies Makeup Artist, Cooking


Destiny is a junior majoring in Healthcare Administration. After she graduates, she wants to work in the Healthcare field as a Compliance Specialist. She has a passion for uplifting people and promoting inclusivity. Destiny also serves on the Club Budget and Resources committee, and with personnel. One of Destiny's goals as a senator is to use her platform to get the student body more engaged with BSG representatives so that their voices and opinions are being accounted for.

Junior D. Auguste

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Hobbies: Food, running, sleeping, devil sticking

Senator Junior D. Auguste is a returning Super (6) Senior here at Brockport, studying under three majors, three minors, and three concentrations. As a Senator and a Returning one, Senator Auguste is the Chairperson of Campus Affairs, a committee focused on the sustainability and well-being of the most campus' valuable resource, it's stakeholders. As a Returning Senator, Auguste would like to use their time in the 2019-2020 academic year in supporting the new senators, as well as scouting out for potential new senators, as well. Promoting ECHO more. Increasing exposure of the BSG senate and what we do across other parts of campus. Working closer with clubs, organizations and other groups to help advocate for our student's concerns such as: sustainability Involvement & engagement with the surrounding Brockport Community.

Tyler Mackey

Hometown: Greece, NY

Hobbies: Art, Computer Work/Games


Tyler is a Senator for the Brockport Student Government who desires and hopes to make a lasting, positive impact both on-campus and off-campus. This kind of change requires collaboration and effort to achieve. During his various volunteering experiences, Tyler has cleaned up clutter, helped families struggling with food insecurity, supervised programs for youth activity and fundraising purposes, and fought against poverty. He is currently working on the Presidential level of the Leadership Development Program, so that he may better bring people together for the purpose of positive change. In service of this, Tyler would like to hear any suggestions others may have for improving both the campus and the world around it. He is very grateful for the opportunities he has been given to serve the community, such as being Dobson's representative for Resident Council, and hopes to receive more in the future. He enjoys going out to eat with his family at places he has never been before, as a purpose of having new experiences. He is currently a Junior and double major in Criminal Justice and Political Science, with the aim of going to law school and becoming a public defender. 

Austin Mixon

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Hobbies: Rowing, roller coasters, swimming


Austin is a Junior in the class of 2021. He is a Journalism and Broadcasting major with a concentration in media production. In BSG, Austin sits on committees and votes on proposals with the other senators. In doing this, Austin hopes to increase student outreach, participation, and representation - important focal points for Brockport that are Austin's primary goals in BSG. Austin is passionate about helping others succeed, raising awareness for important issues, and giving people their fair voice.

Meaghan Irving

Position: Vice Chair

Hometown: Albany, NY

Hobbies: helping others, dancing, writing poetry, and sports



Meaghan is a senior double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology, minoring in Pre Professional Health. Her current position in Brockport Student Government is a senator. While being a senator, she also sit as Vice Chair and has made it her goal to help build relationships between senators and students. By doing so, throughout the year senators will be working on different topics to help better the student community. She hopes to focus on the community relationship with transfers by making them feel more welcomed. She will definitely say helping make Brockport a more positive place is definitely a strong passion of hers, hence why she is so involved within BSG and also two club sports.


Last Updated 11/10/20

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