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What do we do?

The purpose of the Judicial Branch is to keep the other two branches in check by making rulings on student court cases. The Student Court consists of 5 Justices, with distinct positions. The positions are the Chief Justice, Associate Chief Justice, Clerk of Summons, Recruiter, and the Recorder. 

Chief Justice

The Chief Justice is the head Justice of the court. This person makes sure that every rule is followed in the court and in BSG and leads the trial if needed. In addition, the Chief Justice runs the meetings and gives a weekly report at the BSG Senate every Friday.

Associate Chief Justice

The Associate Chief Justice is the second in command. This person helps the Chief Justice with any work that needs to be done and helps delegate work to the other justices if needed. If the Chief Justice is not able to attend the BSG Senate, the Associate Chief Justice is next in line to give the report at Senate

Clerk of Summons

The Clerk of Summons deals with any Writ of Certiorari that comes to the Court. This person reads over the Writ and makes sure that it was written properly. They then present the information to the other Justices at the Court meeting. In addition, this person must email the Writ to the other justices. 


The Recruiter tries to get more people to take part of the Student Court Justice. This person will set up a table in the Union and talk to all the students about what we do and try to get them to apply to the Court. 


The Recorder takes notes at the court meeting and at trial in order for us to have it on record. Also, this person is in charge of our archive to make sure that everything is organized and has a place in our cabinet.

Writ of Certiorai

The Writ of Certiorai is to be used to formally request judicial action against any member of the Brockport Student Government or a Club Officer of whom is in violation of the BSG Constitution, BSG Bylaws, and/or the individual's club constitution. Once the Writ of Certiorai is submitted, the BSG Student Court will vote on whether the situation presented has enough evidence to hold a trial. This form can be found in the BSG office (Union 109) or below. On this form, please provide any and all evidence currently pending as to why this individual is in violation of any of the documents listed above.

Writ of Certiorari


Meet your Student Court Justices

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Student Court at bsgstudentcourt@bockport.edu

Last Updated 11/10/20

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