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What do we do?

The Advocacy Department is composed of a director and six coordinators. The categories are external, internal and SUNY SA. The external advocacy coordinator, acts as a direct link between the college of Brockport and the community. They seek and assess issues and events that are going on outside of Brockport and bring them to the attention of students.

The SUNY SA advocacy coordinator is the liaison between BSG and SUNY SA, which is the overarching Student Government of all SUNY Student Governments. They make sure that the interest of Brockport students are represented at the state level by providing the opinion of BSG on any resolutions being talked about by SUNY SA. Once resolutions are approved they then make sure they are being implemented at Brockport. They also coordinate Brockport Students attending the SUNY SA conference, so they can gain tools to become more effective leaders. Lastly, they work to enhance the relationship between local and state representatives and the executive officers of BSG. 

Lastly, an internal advocate, pushes for the thing that this country was founded upon, representation. Ultimately, the job is to find ways to make sure that the voice of each person on our campus is heard, and that their unique voice has an impact. They have the opportunity to make sure that all student's and attendees of the college have equitable representation.

Meet the Director

Sharon Jaramillo, Advocacy Director

Last Updated 10/6/21

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