ECHO is an online petitioning system where student’s voices can be heard. The platform is a place where students can bring issues that they may be facing on campus, to the eyes of students in Brockport Student Government.

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What is ECHO?

Echo is an online petitioning system created by Brockport Student Government to improve engagement of the Brockport students. This service allows students to submit petitions regarding topics that they feel needs to be address on campus. Other students will then be able to sign your petition, and with enough signatures from your peers, the petition will be reviewed and responded to by Brockport Student Government. Help us, help you by writing your first petition today!


Submitting a petition is simple. Visit the ECHO website, sign in with your NET ID. Share your thoughts!

Boost the activity on your petition by sharing it on your social medias!

Thanks you to Devin Bonner (former President 2016-2017) , Danielle Fenley (former Vice President 2016-2017), Elisha Madison (former President 2017-2018), Joshua Mathews (President 2018-2019),  and Kate Demskie (Vice President 2018-2019) for all their hard work on this project.
A very special thanks to our website development team; NuIntegrations for their shared passion on this project!

Last Updated 11/10/20

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