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A note from BSG

For particular issues that you wish to see changed in your community, an important step to take is ensuring that those in charge of these decisions hear you. Don’t email the president because your boss fired you, or your county executive because your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking. However, if you are concerned about a systemic issue, or more impactfully, a particular bill in the legislative body or an action taken by an executive, then write them a letter, or give their office a phone call.

Use the website of any official or government to make sure that your outreach is relevant to their office or jurisdiction. For how to find these officials and their information, keep reading.

How to Write to Officials

This page from the ACLU offers some basic tips on writing letters to elected officials.

This page offers more tips and a formatted sample letter.

Out of State

This guide focuses on New York State, and especially the Brockport area. For Out of State students use this link to find your own officials easily.

Federal Officials

You can start at the top. But we don’t really recommend that.

The next step down is your Senators.

House of Representatives
And a little closer is your Representative. For this, make sure to write to the representative where you’re registered to vote so you can let them know you’ll hold them accountable on this issue. (You can read more about finding your representative further down)

If you’re registered to vote in Brockport, you’re in the 25th District, currently represented by Joe Morelle.

State Officials

While those representatives are important decision makers, it is so much more important to contact state and local officials for matters related to higher education and the community. These representatives make decisions that we feel daily at Brockport.

New York is represented by Andrew Cuomo. However, similar to the president, we don’t recommend starting at the top.

State Senate
Brockport is in the 62nd Senate district, currently represented by Robert Ortt.

State Assembly
Brockport is in the 139th  Assembly district, currently represented by Stephen Hawley

Local Officials

The closest offices to home oversee policing and other community activities. Contact them for local issues.

County Government
Brockport is in Monroe county, represented by Adam J. Bello. You can easily email him, and any county official.

This page will show you all the departments under Monroe County and their contact info.

Town/City Government
The Village of Brockport is currently governed by Margaret Blackman and the Village Board.

Use this page from the New York State government to find information on each county, and from there town or village, in New York. From there you can find and contact local officials.


After you’ve sent your letters, you need to keep up with your representative to see if they follow through on this issue. No matter how you think they did, vote in the next election to either keep or remove them from office.

Finding your districts
If you don’t know your district and you’re registered to vote use this site to find everything you need to know.

If you aren’t registered to vote use this site to find your district


Now it’s time to vote. A good one-stop shop for resources is Brockport’s Community Development Office.

If you aren’t registered to vote you can use this site to register. NOW REGISTER TO VOTE!

College/SUNY Officials


For contacting College officials our recommendations are a little modified.

The best way you can keep up with and even participate in college-wide decision making is through BSG.
Email with any questions or ideas regarding college leadership or policies. We can work with you to carry your voice to the Allen building, or to place you onto college-wide committees in your area of interest.

However, if you wish to contact the administration directly, we recommend that you send your thoughts to them yourself.

Many issues and decisions on campus are often in the hands of departments outside of the Allen building. If you reach out to we can make sure you send your inquiries to the right place. In addition, while working for change at Brockport, something that will quickly become apparent is that many decisions are above the college, and in the hands of SUNY and its Board of Trustees. 


Learn about SUNY leadership and what decisions are in their control.

SUNYSA is the ‘student government of student governments’ for the SUNY system. Use this site to learn more about the student-based advocacy happening at the SUNY level.

Last Updated 8/10/20

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